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Tarique S. Chunawala (born in 1973) is an Indian businessman, social activist and an upcoming politician. He is the Chairman cum Managing Director, of a Mumbai based Group namely Chunawala Group of Companies.

Tarique S. Chunawala is the son of Late Shaukat Ali Chunawala, who was the 3rd son of Chunawala Family. His father was in the business of construction. At the age of 27, Tarique S. Chunawala lost his father of cancer. Tarique is the eldest son of the family, having two younger brothers and a sister. He is from a Gujrati Muslim family headed by Late Haji Dawood Haji Yusuf Chunawala.

Late Mr. Shaukat Ali Chunawala witnessed a downfall in his business of Construction of immovable properties and trading of FSI (Floor Space Index) and Land in 1987, resulting his temporary loss in Chunawala Group established in 1965. The family Sifted to Mumbai Suburban Area of Jogeshwari from Bandra.

In the little age of 14 Tarique joined his father with his work alongwith the school. But later, he dropped out the school and completed the education by distance learning and involved himself completely in business.

Late Mr. Shaukat Ali Chunawala suffered by cancer in 1998 and he were bedridden, twice operated in two years and after last operation in October 2000, he was called by the almighty ALLAH on 22/10/2000. A tuff time in the life of Tarique as there was no one in support, family disputes were there, properties were in litigation, there were younger siblings, business liabilities, and a struggle for bread and butter. But then he fought and succeeded.

He witnessed those days, when he passed entire day by eating single VADA PAV and a cup of tea. He focused on his goal, working hard day and night, some time even for 36 hrs continually without rest. He learnt law not only from the books but from the system and judiciary. He always believed in learning by the bad days. His main teacher is the TIME. He suffered a lot! He sacrificed, but never gave up. No retreat no surrender. He fought with time. A great son of a greatest father always recalls the words of his father. He tells that his father offered him "BETA 2000 RUPIYE KAMA KR LAO AUR 5000 RUPIYE MUZH SE KHARCHE KO LEKAR JAO" (son earn and bring 2000 rupees at your own and take 5000 rupees by me for your pocket money).He fought the situation and today he is the WINNER.

He completed his family responsibilities. Performed the marriage of his sister and younger brother, facilitate his mother to perform HAJ, the holy rite of Islam. Settled all his friends, who during his bad dayswas there with him. Discharged all the financial and moral liabilities and obligations of his father and thensettled himself satisfactorily.

Social life (Social and Charitable works)
Tarique is a born Social Worker and Activist; he loves to help others and to solve the problems of others. In 1995 Tarique entered into the field of Journalism and became a Sub-editor of Urdu Daily News Paper "In Dinon".Simultaneously he was an active member of "ALL INDIA MINORITY FRONT" 1st a non political organization,which it became a political party. He was the President of Mumbai Western Zone, working very hard, he organised various Social and Political events,gathered 37450 people as a member in 4 months. He worked for various social causes, especially for children and women, organiseddharna and agitation on various social issues like child labour, dowry, human trafficking, communal violence, Social injustice, Human Rights and Civil Liberties. He also worked very hard for local problems like passenger’sgrievances of Mumbai local trains, road conditions, water supply issue, heavy electricity bills, public transport condition, women and children safety issues, Sr. Citizen Security and other issues. Many a times he was confined for his Dharnas and Agitations and even was beaten by police in the name of maintaining law and order. But he is the person who never accepted defeat at any point, any time.
Various local issues was solved because ofagitations and attempts and hence he gained popularity in Mumbai West Zone Area. To control his social activities some big politician offered him money and post in national as well as state level political parties and offered him ZRUCC (Zonal Railway User Consumer Committee) membership, but it was denied by Tarique and in consequences thereof he was targeted by the said politician. Tarique feels proud to remember that a big national political figure of the 2nd largest National Party thrice contacted Tarique to join his party with some lucrative offer, to stop his Social activities and Positive politics and upon refusal by Tarique he approached the President of All India Minority Front to controlTarique and remove him from the party. Tarique was approached by the top party leaders to stop his social activities and because of the unethical pressure; Tarique resigned the post and the party. This was the time when the father of Tarique was diagnosed with cancer and Tarique became busy in his treatment. All the responsibilities of business and family was on Tarique and he was compelled to distancehimself from his social and political activities and after the death of his father he totally abandoned his Social and Political activities.However, Social Work is in his blood without which he cannot live. Hence recently on 16/05/2014 when the result of General Election 2014was declared and there was a political vacuum in the Indian Politics, Tarique realised that now country needs him and he stepped back in his social and political life.
Upon his return in the social and political field, hundreds of thousands peoples, who knew him as anhonest Social Worker and Positive and farsighted politician and dynamic leader, suggested him to join active politics by way of joining a proper clean image political party. The Janta Dal United (JDU) was the first in 13 small and big political parties including BJP and Congress, who approached Tarique. The team of 7 persons was setup for study of the ideology and working of almost 78 small and big, national and state, recognised and unrecognised Political parties in India and after careful study 10 Parties was finalised and out of this 10 parties Janta Dal United has been selected to start active political carrier of Tarique.
Mr. Sharad Yadav, the National President of Janta Dal United and Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, is in personal touch of Tarique and he was very happy to take him in the party.

Sunday, 20/07/2014 is the historical day in the Indian Political History when Tarique joinedJanta Dal United (JDU) with his 3000 supporters from all over India. There was a big function of "SADSYATA AEWAM PAD GRAHAN SAMAROH" on 20/07/2014 at 12 PM at 7 Tughlak Road, New Delhi with the big press conference followed by Lunch program. In the presence of Mr. Sharad Yadav, the National President of Janta Dal United and Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha along with all State Presidents, all members of parliaments of JDU, all the secretaries and all other KARIYAKARTA’S, Tarique joined JDU.

On 31/07/2014 a further golden chapter was added in the Indian political History, when Tarique has been appointed as National Secretary of Janta Dal United (JDU).

Since the day of joining the party Tarique resumes his social activities. Disclosing the actual population of Muslims in India Tarique Planned and designed websites by name,, and Further Tarique is planning and is in the process to make other such websites for other community.

For the Indian Public, Tarique made his long term agenda and manifesto, for the upliftment of the country and its people, which will be revealed shortly.

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