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The late Mr. Shaukat Ali Haji Dawood Chunawala alongwith his three business associates and elder son Tarique S. Chunawala formed CHUNAWALA GROUP OF COMPANIES (CGE). The CGC is in business of Real Estate Development, Construction and solution of disputed and litigation properties with its huge army of powerful brains, who have the reputation and influence , which is time-tested, the CGC have Directors like Tarique S. Chunawala (Reality Master and expert in litigation properties), The CHUNAWALA GROUUP OF COMPANIES is controlled and Managed by Mr. Tarique S. Chunawala who belongs to the reputed and respected Chunawala Family very familiar with the construction material supply, manufacturing and development filed.


The CGC is proud to be having a history of fulfilling of Commitments, Honesty, loyalty, Trust, Security, Satisfaction, and Completion of work, Time punctuality, Reputation, Progress, Prosperity and success.


The founder member of the Group Mr. Shaukat Ali Haji Dawood Chunawala is a born business man his business acumen was great. Mr. Tarique inherited qualities of his father and expanded his business to newer heights.  When the group suffered setback in late 90s he diversified into hospitality, trading of shares and mining. The group has pan India presence and  spread across the country from East in  Silcher in Assam to West in Thane in Maharashtra  and Deharadun in Uttarakhand to Chennai in down South. The group has and more recently have also been showing interest in the Development and Management of Malls, Industrial parks.







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